It’s Complicated co-founder and psychologist, Johanne Schwensen, has a passion for therapy and music, yet knows close to nothing about music therapy. In this episode, Estonian psychodynamic therapist and music therapist Kadri Arula explains the workings of how to use music as a tool for therapeutic change.

In the third episode of the second season of the It’s Complicated podcast, psychologist Johanne interviews art therapist Megu about her psychodynamic training, the fast-paced nature of working at a psychiatric hospital, the best things to come out of a therapeutic relationship, and much more.

We live in interesting times. The covid-19 pandemic, increasing social and economical inequalities, ecological and social crisis. As a psychotherapist in central London, I have been dealing with these topics in the consulting room and it seems that existential questions linked to the socio-political atmosphere are more present than ever.