This article explores how online art therapy was carried out with a Ukrainian refugee. Art Therapist Megu Kitazawa shows that it is possible to achieve a creative process that strengthens the client, helps her stay positive in times of adversity and uncertainty, and allows her to gain insight into the refugee experience through online art therapy.

A little late into January It’s Complicated looks back on another intense year. Despite the dreary backdrop of winter, wrapping up feels hopeful, and last year’s learnings will focus our efforts in 2023 to create a thriving community of care and support for therapists and therapy-seekers alike.

The therapists listed on It’s Complicated are trained in many different modalities and have experience with all sorts of conditions. One of the lesser known specialties is bruxism, or what is commonly referred to as teeth grinding or clenching, which clinical psychologist Dr. Damla Yildirim has written an informative article about.

It’s Complicated co-founder and psychologist, Johanne Schwensen, has a passion for therapy and music, yet knows close to nothing about music therapy. In this episode, Estonian psychodynamic therapist and music therapist Kadri Arula explains the workings of how to use music as a tool for therapeutic change.

In the third episode of the second season of the It’s Complicated podcast, psychologist Johanne interviews art therapist Megu about her psychodynamic training, the fast-paced nature of working at a psychiatric hospital, the best things to come out of a therapeutic relationship, and much more.