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Have you ever wondered why moths and flies behave in this quasi-suicidal way of flying directly into a flame? I have. It turns out that they don’t actually intend to fly into the flame at all: Months and flies have 360 little light tubes in their eyes which they use to navigate with in reference to the vertical light beams from the sun or the moon.

I wanted to write an informative text about the psychological effects of Covid-19, but I’m too paralysed by the constant influx of new information and emotions. Instead you will have to make do with a personal essay about how a Danish, German-based therapist is experiencing the situation from her couch. So bear with me while I gather my thoughts in this surreal time.

Throughout my time as a therapist, I’ve had one main objection against therapy. It’s an objection that can best be understood – and potentially solved – through the lens of friendship and witnessing.

When it comes to getting unstuck, drawing a picture of your ‘stuckness’ can provide surprising solutions to help you find your way again. In this piece, the benefits of creating pictures in counselling are explored.

No one expected that these two therapists, with completely different approaches to counselling, would share the goal of making life less complicated for therapists and clients alike. Here’s the story of how a coffee at a Berlin café led to one therapy project after another.

It’s Complicated is a platform that aims to simplify the search for a suitable therapist, but the search can be hindered also due to financial reasons. Many people simply aren’t fortunate enough to be able to pay privately for therapy. This post will attempt to break down the process of finding a therapist through your public health insurance, like Techniker Krankenkasse (TK).

2019 was an important year for the Berlin-based therapy platform It’s Complicated. The directory went live and grew into a lively therapy community. Now it looks like 2020 will be a year of many more healing conversations, helpful features, and supportive content.